About us

About Us

Okithma Building Constructions (Pvt) Ltd was initiated to provide an eminent construction service to the clients who sought after the quality. The company possesses experience for more than 15 years in the industry and it excels in construction of houses and residencies acutely using the pyra vastu technique. In addition, they have won the confidence and the preference of the customers by constructing houses according to the customer specifications. Giving distinction to green construction, where less damage is caused to the environment in the construction process, the company endeavors to fulfil the social responsibility of a liable corporate citizen.

Having a precise construction plan using only quality materials, equipment and professional knowledge, the company has been able to deliver an excellent and a cost effective construction solution for the customers. Furthermore, by abiding to the standard legal procedures pertaining to construction, the company establishes its integrity among the clients. Additionally, the company is flexible with its customers and lets them plan the process according to their budget and they can complete the payment when the construction process is still ongoing.

Nowadays, pyra vastu technology is a famous discipline used in building construction and architectural planning. Provided the techniques are used accurately in the construction procedure, it can be either ineffective or disadvantageous. Therefore it is important that the techniques are used only by those who have precise knowledge and experience. Okihtma Constructions (Pvt) Ltd has experience in using pyra vastu techniques for constructions and a clientele that benefit from the service.


To be the best housing constructor in the country through implementing a quality construction solution


To ensure quality through materials, technology and professional

Why Choose Okithma


The customers at all times can depend on Okithma Building Constructions regarding the reliability because they have been able to sustain in the industry for more than 15 years successfully.

Timely delivery

One of the most common concerns among the customers about housing construction is the time of delivery.  Without dragging on the procedure wasting the time and money of the customers, the company ensures timely delivery.

Pyra Vastu technology

Among the many that use pyra vastu technology, Okithma Building Constructions uses it accurately to ensure that the customer gets the maximum benefit out of the technology. It has 12 years of experience in using this sasthra and ensures the profits.

Legal protection

From the most initial process till the end product is handed over to the client, the company ensures the legal protection to the clients. All the steps of the process are carried out according to be on par with the legal procedures.


Okithma Building Constructions, unlike the traditional construction companies is flexible when it comes to planning the budget of the project. The clients are given the opportunity to plan the project to suit their budget. And the special payment plan includes paying the instalment when the construction process is ongoing.

Core Values

Green Construction

Construction at certain levels can mean destruction of nature. Okithma Building construction gives prominence to green construction where minimal damage is done to the environment in the construction course and more natural scope is preserved.


As a construction company, a special attention is paid to the security of the workers and the neighbourhood. At all times the company’s main concern is the security and all the safety measures are implemented to ensure the safety.


Okithma Building Constructions prevailed in the construction industry for more than twelve years on account of the integrity the company has been able to sustain over the years. The decisions of the customers are always given the prominence and the trust and the confidentiality is preserved.

Cost effective

A cost effective construction plan is always given to the exclusive customers of “Okithma Building Constructions” because only the quality materials, equipment and professionals are involved in the process.

Quality Policy

The name of Okithma Building Constructions is on par with quality. Among the many who engage in construction, there are a few who adhere to the quality standards. Since quality defines durability and value for the money spent, it becomes a key factor to consider before choosing a constructor. The following are the quality measures that are upheld by Okithma Building Constructions (Pvt) Ltd.

The company occupies technical officers, engineers and workers provided they are qualified, registered, experienced and professionals in the field. Moreover, it does not recruit subcontractors.

Only the high quality, certified and branded materials and equipment are used in the construction process.

Okithma Building Constructions is the only company in Sri Lanka to make a legal agreement that pertains to the construction of houses.

The standard registration from the “Land Registrar” is carried out in every project.

All the materials that are used in the construction process are distributed by the company and the sites are constantly managed by the site supervisors while the client can monitor the procedure.

The company carries out advanced quality controlling methods in every measure in the construction process.

A certified process is implemented. A quality 3D design is drawn by the company, BOQ certifications, council approvals and charted architectures are engaged in the process.

Managing Director’s Message


As the chairman of Okithma Constructions (Pvt) Ltd, I take much pleasure in inviting the exclusive customers to our official website. As a construction company which was established more than 15 years ago, our company consists of knowledge and experience to carter into the increasing customer demands in the construction industry. Moreover, Okithma Construction as a company takes the pride of finishing a large number of exclusive projects.

The greatest asset of Okithma Constructions is the professional knowledge of the employees. From the mason worker to the engineers and site supervisors, we recruit only the well experienced and qualified employees. We, as a company are concerned much about the quality of the final construction outcomes because the priority is given to the customers who need a cost effective solution.

From the most initial step of the construction process, till the building is handed over to the customer, the entire process is driven according to the legal requirements and the advanced quality assurance methods that ensure quality sought after by the clients. In addition, the company proudly possesses a number of accreditations that certify the quality of the service.

Moreover, Okithma Constructions is one of the prominent building construction companies in Sri Lanka that accurately utilizes Pyra Vastu technique in the construction procedure. Pyra Vastu technology should not be used in construction without adequate knowledge. Instead, it is a must that professional knowledge and precision be applied when using this technology to construct your household.

We have been able to be successful in the industry for more than 15 years as a result of maintaining integrity of the customers. The company attempts to be nurtured by the customer feedback regarding the service provided. Thus I like to invite the exclusive customers to continuously provide feedback.

Suranga Wijerathna

(Civil Engineer)