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Okithma Building Constructions

Okithma Building Constructions (Pvt) Ltd was initiated to provide an eminent construction service to the clients who sought after the quality. The company possesses experience for more than 15 years in the industry and it excels in construction of houses and residencies acutely using the pyra vastu technique. In addition, they have won the confidence and the preference of the customers by constructing houses according to their specifications.

Why Choose Okithma

  • Mr. Senarathna


    To build our dream home, we chose Okithma Building Constructions and I like to pay my gratitude to them for finishing it with the supreme quality and contemporary outlook. What is more, they completed the project in the most cost effective manner.

  • Mr. Madhushan


    From the very beginning when we first told “Okithma Building Constructions” about the row idea of how our house should be constructed, they assisted us immensely in the approval process and all the other time consuming activities. All the necessary documentation was done hassle free and till the end, their service was first class.

  • Mrs. V.I.K Perera


    First of all I would like to sincerely thank Okithma Building Constructions for completing my commercial building project meeting the quality standards according to the time schedule discussed at the beginning of the projects. What is more, they followed accurate architectural and “pyra” technological elements to build it and now I am enjoying the success.

  • Mr. Suranga


    We handed over the responsibility of building our house to “Okithma Building Constructions” with the expectation of completing it flawlessly managing the budget. I gladly recommend their service simply because their work is neat and precise and saved us a lot of money by prudently handling expenses but also handed over a quality establishment.

  • Mr. Janka


    Before starting a new business, I wanted to complete the business place and one of my friends recommended me “Okithma Building Constructions” and I went to them accordingly. They used pyra technology and architectural techniques to complete the project and I gladly recommend them to anyone for their friendly service and the precise quality.

Our Brands

The following is a list of brands used by “Okithma Building Constructions” in the construction progress. All of these are certified and reputed brands which will ultimately catalyse the quality of the final output of our company.